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Welcome to the Ontario Museum Association’s new Resource Hub! Here you’ll find a variety of materials to support your museum work and professional development. Resources here on the Hub include those created by the OMA as well as others sourced from across the museum sector and around the world.

Use the “View All Resources” button to search and filter through all the resources on the Hub, or use the links below to find Featured Resources or Quick Links to resources grouped by type or content.

The Resource Hub is a work in progress, and we’ll continue to add more resources and improve the user experience. Please email us at community[at] with any feedback! Happy exploring!

Featured Resources

Quick Links

Example governance, guiding, and legislative documents that pertain to the work of Ontario museums.

Learn how museums can meaningfully engage diverse communities and embody a more inclusive approach to our work.

Understand the context of the colonial legacy of museums and support reconciliation and repatriation initiatives.

Safely care for, store, and manage the collections your museum stewards.

Watch previous webinars, conference sessions, and more.

Help preserve and prevent the deterioration of museum collections.

Create meaningful visitor experiences.

Learn more about the OMA’s Certificate in Museum Studies (CMS) program on the OMA website.