Emergency and Disaster Planning for Ontario Museums

In this webinar from March 20, 2024, the panelists discuss emergency and disaster planning for museums. Facing the impacts of climate change, increases in extreme weather, and ongoing challenges from a pandemic, emergency and disaster plans are essential tools for museums to have—with hopes that they never have to use them.

Learn about the key elements of best-practice emergency and disaster plans that will help protect staff, visitors, structures and collections from a variety of hazards and threats. Join our panel of presenters as they share their knowledge and first-hand experience.


  • Dr. Elka Weinstein, Museum Advisor, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport
  • Dr. Irene Karsten, Senior Preservation Development Advisor at the Canadian Conservation Institute
  • Jennifer Weymark, Archivist at the Oshawa Museum
  • Melissa Cole, Curator at the Oshawa Museum
  • Karen Bachmann, Director/Curator, Timmins Museum National Exhibition Centre



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